Monday, May 19, 2014

What's new in Autocad 2015: New and improved tools - New Interface

There are new features and tools in the new AutoCAD 2015, including a new tool for aligning texts and distribute vertical, horizonal or in any direction. A new selection object called Lasso allows you to essentially perform a selection by just clicking and dragging. Mtext editing has been improved with better bullets, numbering, and a transparent editor. If Caps Lock is enabled and you start typing, the text editor will recognize the mistake and automatically fix the first word and turn off Caps lock. Other new feature that brings AutoCAD 2015 is the possibility to insert a Geolocation Map or satellite image Georeferenced or streets view or hybrid view from Bing Maps as the background map and capture a portion of the map and save them to use offline, as DWG to save the file with an integrated Bing Map image, which is very similar or better quality images used by Google Earth.

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