Sunday, October 19, 2014

Drawing Crash Recovery AutoCAD file DWG .SV$ .BAK, Find Autosave or Backup File

You are working on a drawing in AutoCAD, which demanded a lot of hard work, and suddenly the PC turns off or crash or freeze, and you forgot save!, Wow! a huge problem ... but don’t worry, here is the solution.
AutoCAD has two types of autosave files: a backup file (*.bak) and autosave file (* .sv$). The bak is a file that always is generated as backup of dwg file (drawing, AutoCAD file) in the same folder where we saved. The sv$ is a temporary backup that is created in the temp folder found in the temp folder of your user’s files Windows, this sv$ saves us 100% of the content of the dwg file. These two backups, we can change to a dwg file of AutoCAD to open it, the bak file is easy, only you have to change its extension for example: floor_plan.bak to floor_plan.dwg, but the sv$ which has 100% of our work is somewhat more complicated, also in this tutorial I’m gonna show you how to create a folder to always have on hand the sv$ to change its extension and never lose our drawings and never be afraid of a fatal error or power outage.